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Classes & Services

Personalized Readings & Tarot Coaching Services

One-On-One Tarot Readings

30 mins / 1 hour

Looking for a detailed answer to your question?  Seeking further clarity on your path?  One-On-One Tarot Readings provide you with the opportunity for a face to face reading through Skype, Google Hangout, or other video chat.  Experience the thoroughness of an in-person reading from the convenience of your own home.  All Tarot Readings include a crystal healing session and the opportunity to ask follow-up questions.  Book today to have your questions answered!

30 mins / $60

1 hour / $120


Learning Intuitive Tarot Course

4 Sessions

Interested in learning how to read tarot?  Looking to deepen your practice by exploring intuitive tarot reading?  Over the course 4 one-on-one sessions, I will help you learn how to read tarot and activate your spiritual gifts.  The hour-long sessions are completed by video chat, and booked to fit your schedule.  The course includes:

  • Learning the Major & Minor Arcana

  • Reading with Intuition

  • Structured Spreads & Freeform Readings

  • Rider-Waite vs. Modern Decks

  • Cleansing, Clearing, & Grounding

  • Incorporating Metaphysical Gifts

& More

4 Sessions / $300


Distance Energy Healing

Crystal Grids & Energy Healing

Have you experienced negative energy that you are struggling to shift? Do you feel that your chakras are blocked, but you don't know where to begin to open them? Distance Healing starts with a One-On-One video consultation and is tailored to fit your specific needs. Distance Healing allows you to seek what you need without the constraints of physical space and geographical location.

1 Session / $75

3 Sessions / $200

5 Sessions / $350